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Serving the East and West English Speaking world!

We are lock in between Heaven and Earth that’s why we stand on Earth and Heaven is above us!

When you learn BaZi, what are you actually learning and for what purpose!

When you learned Feng Shui, what are you learning and for what purpose!

There are people who learned Heaven and forget all about Earth and Man
There are people who learned Earth and forget there are also Heaven and Man
There are people who specialise in Man and do not understand the influent of Heaven and Earth
There are people who learned Heaven and Earth and ignoring Man

Not knowing that Heaven, Earth and Man but are of one entity!

DestinyEmpire Resource portal purpose is to open the door for learners who want to understand how a person Destiny and Feng Shui works together!

A short intro about Feng Shui…

From my 20 years of research and studies, there is only one person had proof that Feng Shui works was our Great Grand Master Yang Gong! He was given a nickname “Master Yang save the poor” and another “Grand Master Guo Po” who discovered the mystical secret techniques and method from Great Grand Master Yang on one of his classic “The Green Satchel Classic”!

Grand Master Guo Po were very well known for his property and burial Feng Shui during his time! The book Master Guo Po had written is “The Book of Burial”. In modern time is called “The Book on Land and Property Selection”! Click here to get the book!

There is no need to go around searching for a land that has good Feng Shui. Every land is a good land until a connection is in place! Every land is a made from Heaven and Earth, and when Man moves in, the connection will be in place and the good and bad is subjected to the person that moved in!

Every person is born with a land of their own that they can call it home! A Feng Shui of their own that they can call it good fortune! And these were already given to every one of us and were also engraved into our blood and soul!

Come and learn and I’ll show you where it can be found! If we are affinity, I will unlock the door for you!

Thanks for visiting!

Benson Yeo

The Metaphysics Secret of The Politician Game

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Dragon Veins

The Burial Ground, Mother Nature and our Parents.

Our Parent gave birth to us, without them, we do not exist!
Just like Mother Nature, without her, Nature cannot happen!

There are certain Earth cannot produce and need to find the appropriate Earth to grow nature!
Especially when the Earth is too Hot and Dry or Wet and Cold nature cannot promote and gave birth! It will have to wait for the right temperature to come and aid for the right situation!

We can use this scenario to apply into the living and the death. Some parent after giving birth to us sends us away and was brought up by foster parents! And some children leave their parents due to the harsh and extreme environment that they live in!

Environment can be conducive and harsh, we can look at our parents and we can discover the rational behind all the answers to our questions! We cannot blame our parents and we cannot blame the society and environment because they belong to Mother Earth!

Some people have to walk hundreds of miles and found what they are looking for and some did not make it! Some make it in their early life but struggle in their later stage of life!

With the same parents, does not mean that all your children will be the same! If you can understand why, you can understand the Real Feng Shui from Mother Nature!

Mother Nature Dragon veins scattered around the Earth and there is no one place that every person can live together! And there is no one universe method of Feng Shui that every person can use!

Every person comes with their own Dragon Veins and Meridian Spot! It can be millions miles away but if you know where is their resting place, you should stay there and don’t have to wait so long!  

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